Revolutionary Philosophy

We, as MEChistAs, see the process of Chicanismx as evolutionary. We recognize that no one is born politically Chicanx . Chicanismx results from a decision based on a political consciousness for our Communities, to dedicate oneself to ##########. Chicanismx is a concept that integrates self-awareness with cultural identity, a necessary step in developing political consciousness. Therefore the term Chicanx is grounded in a philosophy, not a nationality. Chicanismx does not exclude anyone, rather it includes those who acknowledge and work toward the betterment of La comunidad.

Chicanismx involves a personal decision to reject assimilation and work towards the preservation of our cultural heritage. Recognizing that all people are potential Chicanxs, we encourage those interested in developing a total commitment to our movement for self-determination for the people of Aztlán to join Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlán.

Thus, by all means necessary, We Chicanxs, dedicate ourselves to taking our educational destiny into our own hands through the process of spreading Chicanismx, in the spirit of #########.

MEChA is committed to ending the cultural tyranny suffered at the hands of institutional and systematic discrimination that holds our Gente captive. We seek an end to oppression and exploitation of the Chicanx community.

As MEChistAs, we proclaim that we are the people of the struggle and that we recognize our indigenous ancestry and the importance of it . Our fundamental drive is to organize and challenge Chicanxs to maintain self-respect and dignity to overcome historical prejudices and discrimination against our communities. The historic mission of MEChA involves an educational plan of action that builds an educational ladder for the advancement of our people. Recognizing that the strength of our movement is rooted in our barrios, MEChA pledges itself to reach out to the community and schools, to establish new educational opportunities. We also recognize that our MEChA chapters are much stronger when they are rooted in and accountable to the Chicana/Chicano community. Consequently, We, Mechistas commit ourselves to return to our community and contribute to the development of the Chicana/Chicano Nation.