M.E.Ch.A De Santa Rosa Junior College


Santa Rosa Junior College MEChA and BSU are proud to announce that the 2015 M.E.Ch.A./BSU conference  was a success and completely an extraordinary event .  Since the conference was expanded to educating and promoting parents and community about the importance of higher education and political involvement. Our goal of  raising awareness about the social and political inequalities facing disadvantaged population as well as to provide students, parents and our community with the resources to efficiently face these issues was in most cases successful. We were able to get together people of different backgrounds and put together an educational conference for the community.

Our theme which revolved around the quote “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.” by Marcus Garvey. We hope that our theme has encouraged students to learn more about the shrouded injustices in the world, and in doing so; become enlightened on the facts and be ready for a social movement. A process, we believe many of us have personally grew from and have become overall stronger individuals in our community. Overall we are happy with our results and can not wait to pull of an even more extravagant conference next year. Which we hope all of you will be a part of.


Thank You to all who participated in the 2015 M.E.Ch.A/BSU Youth Conference

Santa Rosa Junior College MEChA, BSU and LEA would like to thank Santa Rosa Junior College Associated Students, Santa Rosa Junior College Inter Club Council, the Santa Rosa Junior College Student Services, Santa Rosa Junior College President, Dr. Frank Chong, and Innovative screenings for their contributions and support which made the 2015 Youth Conference possible. We are specially grateful to all the students and parents who attended this event and made our work worthwhile. We hope that all the information and resources you gained from attending this conference can be put to use and passed on to other fellow students and parents who unfortunately could not be with us.

There is a significant gap between Latino High School and college graduates and non-Latino students and we hope that all the information and resources provided can encourage and aid in meeting this gap.

Thank you all for making Raza Conference 2015 a huge success and we hope to see you next year!!

“La union hace la fuerza”

– Santa Rosa Junior College MEChA, BSU and LEA

BSU, LEA, and M.E.Ch.A would like to remind everyone that the 2016 Youth Conference will be on the  April 30th. Also Come back to check out Pictures from this years Conference !